Hitachi AIRIS II
MRI scanner (open type)

This magnetic resonance imaging has become an expected continuation of the advanced achievements of Hitachi's constant evolution of MRI. Thanks perfected traditional open design of the gantry, the new ultra-fast image reconstruction system and the absence of liquid cooling.
The design of the MRI scanner will allow to conduct the study in patients weighing up to 250 kg.
The smooth contours of the gantry complement the exceptionally friendly atmosphere around the patient, not give him any discomfort or fear of causing an enclosed space. During the examination, patients feel space around them and realize that they have no limits. This greatly facilitates the evaluation of patients who have difficulty or abandoned tunnel MRI examination.
The open design of magnetic resonance imaging and low power magnetic field during operation it produces very soft sounds, which creates ideal conditions for the examination of children, including in the presence of parents. Softly velvet rolls only soothe the children, who often fall asleep during the trial. This proves once again the exceptional suitability AIRIS Vento to work with children and anxious patients.