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At the Neuromed Center, the ONLINE consulting service is in great demand. In modern realities, it has become especially relevant.

You need a doctor's consultation, you do not have the opportunity to come in person, but you want to get qualified help in solving problem situations? With Neuromed  everything is possible! You will receive a full doctor's consultation online, with the same duration as the face-to-face reception. An ONLINE neurologist and a psychiatrist work for you.

You no longer need to search the Internet for questionable answers to your health questions. Sign up for an online consultation, ask questions and get a specific answer based on years of practice from the specialists of the Neuromed Center.

Importantly! Online consultation is confidential, all data is a medical secret.


Neurologist: Leta Ivan Ivanovich
Pediatric neurologist: Kovalchuk Pavlo Vasyliovych

The service does not replace a full examination by a specialist, but a neurologist will be able to remotely:

- examine your complaints, history, results of previous examinations (tests, MRI, ultrasound and others);

- if necessary, give recommendations for additional examination;

- establish a preliminary diagnosis;

- develop treatment tactics;

- adjust previous appointments.




Psychotherapist: Kovalenko Iryna Vasylivna

An online consultation with a psychotherapist is similar to a face-to-face consultation: the doctor examines the results of previous examinations, asks clarifying questions, explains the diagnosis and principles of treatment, gives his recommendations and, if necessary, prescribes the next appointment.

It is important to recognize anxiety symptoms in time and seek qualified help from a psychotherapist if:

- you are anxious, have headaches and insomnia;

- you have a depressed mood, weakness and fatigue;

- you are worried about fears, irritability, emotional instability;

- if you have persistent chronic pain and you are tired of long-term ineffective treatment;

- if there are psychological problems of a family or personal nature.


1. Fill out the application on the site: indicate which doctor you would like to consult, describe your problem at the moment.

2. The call center operators will call you and agree on a convenient day, time and method of consultation for you.

3. Make an online payment in a way that is convenient for you.

4. The operator will contact you again and inform you about the success of the payment.

5. Stay in touch on the specified day and time - the doctor will contact you.

For a successful consultation, we recommend that you set up a Skype connection and have a video camera, or install one of the available messengers (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram).

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